Duties of Muslim Youth -By Nazimuddin Erbakan Translated from Turkish by Burhan Uddin



Elhamdulillahi Rabbulalemin, Wesselatu Wesselamu Ala Seyyidina Muhammedin We Ala Alihi Wesahbihi Azmain.

Assalamu Aleykum,

You have gathered in a brotherly Muslim Country Algeria as the young representatives of many Muslim countries in organizing the 11th Meeting of General Assembly of IIFSO. I congratulate you all because of this beneficial act and extend my gratitude to the hosting country Algeria. I again extend my special thanks to all of our brothers who are participating in this meeting. I kiss your foreheads and hug you all.

You are altogether as IIFSO International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations. Therefore, you have a great meaning and a great value in executing a very significant meeting. Indeed all of your meetings and conventions were very important and crucial; however, this meeting of yours has gained a significant importance in terms of the state of affairs of todays world.

As it is known, there is Haq/Truth and Batl/Falsehood in the world. Allah almighty has created the world as a place of test. Haq/Truth is ISLAM. And Bat?l/Falsehood is directed from a single center even it is in various forms.  The center which directs these is racist imperialism. You, -as student organizations- have accepted a great responsibility as an engine of awaking the students, mainly the university students. Your task is making the youth conscious in Islamic world of 1.5 billion. For this reason, while organizing and coordinating the student associations and guiding them to useful goals at the same time giving Islamic awareness to all our youth is your foremost duty.

What is the real Islamic Awareness? I see it would be helpful to dwell on this issue with some words.

The creed of the Racist Imperialism consists of 4 articles. Firstly, we are superior race. Secondly, this will not just stay in theory but it will be realized. Thirdly, we need to do three things in order to capture the world sovereignty: gathering the members of the race of Beni Israel in Jerusalem which were exiled because of their seditions in their countries in various centuries; founding the Great Israel and reconstructing the Solomon’s Temple.

When we perform all these, our savior Messiah but not Isa a.s. will come down to  earth and he will be enthroned as the King of Jews on the throne of David and he will strengthen our eternal world sovereignty. These are the four articles of their creed. These pillars which were written in Kabala 5765 years ago are the basics of racist imperialism.

I am summarizing again because of its importance:
– We are superior race,
– This will not just stay in theory but it will be realized,
– The other races are created for being slaves of us, we were just created as humans. The others were created as monkeys and they were transformed to humans afterwards in order to be our servants. In order to realize this we have to convene the Sons of Israel in Jerusalem, founding the Great Israel, reconstructing the Solomon’s Temple and enabling the security of Great Israel and preparing the conditions of the coming of Messiah. Here the Messiah is not Isa a.s. for them, they do not accept Isa a.s. they mean their own savior. According to them this one will enthrone in David’s throne and strengthened their eternal world sovereignty.

All these worldly beliefs form the base of their creed. Even though sometimes they express that they obey Musa a.s. and follow the orders of Torah, indeed they falsified Torah according to the 5765 year old Kabala. In this falsified Torah even this expression exists: “O The Sons of Israel! You are such a sublime race that you could defeat Allah Almighty”

May Allah almighty forbid! Is it possible to encounter such a sentence in any holly book? The rabbis took this and put it in the Torah. Again in another sentence it is expressed as this: “Destroy your enemies and captives by breaking their bones”.  Is it possible to expect goodness from such a mentality and such a civilization? Allah almighty has created this because of the wisdom of struggle between Haq/Truth and Bat?l/Falsehood.

In contrast with this, elhamdulillah the creed of our Islamic belief consists of 6 pillars as follows: We as Muslims:
– Believe in Allah almighty,
– Believe in His angels,
– Believe in His Holly Books,
– Believe in His messengers,
– Believe in Resurrection after death,
– Believe in Qadar/destiny and the Judgment Day.

Because the base of our faith is Belief in the Hereafter we remember it twice and make double stitch. We both say “ vel ba su badel mewt” and “yewmil akhiri”. We repeat it twice because of its significance.

The True religion before Allah almighty is Islam. All messengers starting from Adam a.s. conveyed the same credo. The only changing issue from messenger to messenger is the form of prayers.

According to the falsified belief of these racists, it depends on the Kabala and they are endeavoring for 5765 years for realizing their belief. It is impossible to make proper treatment before making correct diagnosis and identification. First of all, we have to diagnose and identify the activities in the world and know the disease so we will be able to have a proper and correct treatment. The base of the sickness is this belief.

This belief has poisoned and perverted the earth till this time and took the West in his hand. The racist imperialists say to the westerners that “Do you not wait the coming of Jesus on the earth?, we also wait the same Messiah”. They are pretending. Indeed they are not waiting for Isa a.s., they are waiting for another Messiah. However, just to cheat Christians they say that “We are waiting for the same Isa a.s. but the terms of His coming is not determined in the Holly Bible but in our Torah it is identified; come and take advantage of this and let us realize all these cooperatively so Isa a.s. come to the earth and they are misusing Christians for centuries.

They cheated Christians and urged them to organize18 crusade wars. According to their plans Jerusalem was going to be conquered, Israel was going to be founded and was going to be served for the coming of Isa a.s. This belief took the United States of America in its hands through the new Evangelic sect. All of these including Protestantism were established by Zionism and thus they took the control of the United States. What does their philosopher Brezinsky say in his last book?:

“We are on the strongest point of our 5765 years old history. We were never as strong as this in the past because America and its technology is now in our palms and under our orders, we can hit, destroy and occupy every country. However, I do not advice you to desire to be dictator. Be eager of being the president of the club which rules the world. Our real target is to destroy Islam. Therefore, while destroying Islam do not give the rein of Europe, Russia and Japan to Islam’s side, make them stand in the side of Zionism, seem as you are ruling together with them and be their president and thus reach your targets in the earth”.

There is a very striking point among the expressions of Brezinsky’s last book:
“When we talk about the Muslim countries, the Muslims there are divided in two types. One part of them is secular and the other part is fundamentalist. Our real aim is to annihilate the fundamentalists because they want a just order on the earth, they want the felicity of everyone and say that human beings are equal. However, we say that “you will be our slaves”, because of this our real enemies are fundamentalists. Let’s have cooperation and solidarity with the secularist and thus destroy the fundamentalists.”

This is what they write in their books openly. Because they believe that they are in the strongest point of their history, they started out by occupying Afghanistan and afterwards they invaded Iraq and now gradually they will occupy Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkiye and include them into Israel in order to realize the Promised Land and they are very determined in founding the Great Israel and they are preparing the substructure of all these. The project named Greater Middle East Project is the reflection of this plan and they are endeavoring day and night to materialize this project with their utmost capacities. What will we do at this point as the Islamic World of 1.5 billions? Will we stop and wait and watch them?  Will we wait that they bomb Iran tomorrow, next day they take Syria and Saudi Arabia and the next day they occupy Egypt and Turkiye and make the earth a lake of blood as in Palestine today? Of course, the members of the Islamic Civilization who want the happiness and felicity of all humanity do not consent to such a plan. Therefore, to save humanity is the main task of conscious Muslims.  This duty and task of inspiring and telling this to our youth is the duty of IIFSO’s and yours.    Because this congress is held in a turning point of history it has a more importance than at any time. Our duty beside teaching correct Islam is also making them conscious Muslims.

I am again stressing this: Making them conscious Muslims. What does Conscious Muslim mean? Being a conscious Muslim means that to whom I am serving? To beneficiation or to evil? Conscious Muslim is the one who differentiates this.  For this purpose, he has to know the meanings of benefaction and evil. Please pay attention how the world Zionism is poisoning the world from all sides. Allah almighty has conveyed two things to human beings through his Messengers:

The first is “La ilahe illAllah”, do not be a polytheist; because the civilization which will bring felicity to humanity can only depend on unity/tewheed. It is impossible to have civilization and felicity through trinity. For this reason all the messengers conveyed the message of “tewheed” and warned people not to poison and spoil the earth. Therefore, a conscious Muslim wants that a civilization which depends on the basis of “La ilahe illAllah” enlightens whole humanity and improve the earth.

What will happen? Not corruption and perversion but improvement. Today, racist imperialism poisons the earth from four sides.

Firstly, murdering. Today we witness this in Palestine. They have the advantages and making genocides and killing innocent Muslims. In addition to this their first duty is to poison humanity through weapons. Allen Grey, the author of Secret World State, former press advisor of Rockefeller, says in the preface of his book that “I was press advisor for Rockefeller and his friends for 15 years, and later I found out that this team is organizing assassinations of some state presidents in Africa. I said to myself that no longer could I serve to these men and for this reason I left them”. Why are we expressing these now? Indeed, this racist imperialism of Zionism stands behind all terrorist attacks including the twin towers of world trade center. Wherever there is a war these dirty organizations made it up. Thus, they are poisoning the humanity through weapons.

Secondly, on the other hand they are inventing new concepts in their think tank institutions. They are introducing and promoting these concepts through media to people as they wish and they are performing a planned strategy in order to estrange the Muslims from their own religion. They are doing this not only through drugs and degeneration of moral values but also through some new concepts produced in their centers. For instance they invented a concept of “modernism”. What does modernism mean! Racist imperialism made up a word and now is trying to cheat us and through this propaganda we will be away from our religion. May Allah almighty forbid what they want that we lose our eternal life?  Look at this plot for Allah’s sake! Do they claim that they know the modern time but Allah almighty does not? They are trying to cheat people through a single word. They again claim that it is impossible to stop Globalization. What will happen? We will sell everything and we will give them to Sons of Israel free of charge and give them gifts. They want that we are under their command and we will be exploited. All these concepts are invented for this reason. Therefore, pollution of thoughts is one of the most striking means of their perversion.

Thirdly, their political and economic mechanisms for poisoning the earth. They founded the United Nations. The UN is under the command of the Zionist organization named B’nai Brith. The ones who are not members of this organization cannot become even a simple department chief. Through these false organizations the earth is exploited. They also established the World Bank, IMF, and World Trade Organization. Thus, they are poisoning the world.  On the other hand, through the usury economic system they are exploiting whole humanity. Just to make a couple of Zionist rich people they are oppressing millions of people. 200 million people are subjected to famine in Africa.  Every year 50 million children die because of famine in the world. Why? Because of usury economic order founded by Zionists. Still they are planning how to exploit these people more. Certainly, there is no goodness from this kind of mentality for humanity. We do not have any relation, communication and exchange with this racist imperialist mentality. Why? Because our pillar is beneficence and mercy. Elhamdulillah we are Muslims and our Holly Book starts with “Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.” Our messenger –peace be upon him- is the messenger of mercy.  We want felicity for all humanity. Our target is to enable the happiness of 6 billion people. It is among our duties to give the rights of the people who are members of Sons of Israel. We are Muslims and therefore rights are superior for us. However, on the contrary they claim that they are superior race and they are the lords of the earth and the other people are their slaves. They just recognize two words:  “either you will die or be my slave”. Here is the difference between haq/truth and bat?l/falsehood.

Fourthly, another means of poison is proxy governments, proxy media and proxy tradesmen. They are cheating these through various profits and misusing them for their aims. They are using them for exploitation and for the foundation of Great Israel.

If people do not know all their dirty methods they cannot define their poisons and perversions and they will serve their dirty plans and become partner of their oppressions and support them. However, a conscious Muslim knows this very well and he works to eradicate all these plots and oppressions for the improvement and wellness of humanity and the world.

The felicity and wellness of humanity has five basic pillars: First is tranquility and peace; second is freedom; third is justice; fourth is prosperity; and fifth is dignity.

A conscious Muslim endeavors for the felicity and improvement of the entire humanity. On the other hand, showing the truth and the facts to people against pollution of thoughts is the duty of Muslims. For this purpose Muslims have to convey the truth to people. Call them to the true message and through their endeavors to establish a just order on earth they have to form a political power and will. And they have to establish a “Just Order” instead of the exploiting system and establish an independent economic system. In order to achieve this Muslims have to establish the following organizations and institutions:

n    United Nations of Muslim Countries,
n    NATO of Muslim Countries,
n    Common currency of Muslim Countries e.g. Islamic Dinar
n    Economic Cooperation Organization of Muslim Countries,
n    Cultural Cooperation Organization of Muslim Countries,

Through these organizations a new world, which depends on the felicity of humanity, will be founded. In addition to this, there must be governments, which have Islamic Vision (Milli Gorus), namely, governments which have Islamic mentality and wanting the felicity and wellness of humanity. There must be a media, which will support them and an economic power and businessmen supporting the media. Working for the improvement and change of the world and for the realization of all these goals means to be a conscious Muslim and means to work for the felicity of the entire humanity.

There are 1.5 billions of Muslims among the world population of 6 billions. First of all, it is our task and obligation to gather 1.5 billions of Muslims and all oppressed ones around a new world. The ones who will achieve this target are Conscious Muslims.  And IIFSO is the engine of this righteous endeavor. Could I express what an important obligation and responsibility you have?

It is an important a crucial issue for all student organizations to have a serious organization, to have serious working strategies, to perform all these works seriously, to follow the results and have production and not to waste time. This is the duty of IIFSO. In order to make Muslims aware and conscious we will tell them as this “Listen, please do not be cheated and serve these proxies of racist imperialists. You are honored Muslims. Never, ever forget the message of Chapter At-Takwir (The Overthrown) in the Noble Quran.  What does Allah almighty command in this chapter?”

“When the sun is covered,
And when the stars darken,
And when the mountains are made to pass away,
And when the camels are left untended,
And when the wild animals are made to go forth,
And when the seas are set on fire,
And when souls are united,
And when the female infant buried alive is asked
For what sin she was killed, …”

The chapter continues as this. What do these verses mean? Allah almighty says to us “you will leave valuable goods, do not give rein to the worldly issues through the plot of devil, if you run after the world you cannot reach either world or hereafter. They may try to cheat you by giving you some profits and profits. Do not be fooled by those worldly profits because at the end you will all leave them and you will be questioned of all oppressions and injustices. Even you will be questioned and judged of killing of an infant female. Now I am asking you: If you support the ones who assist the racist imperialists and if those imperialists kill 50 millions of infants in the world every year and in the hereafter when it is asked the reason of their deaths, will it be possible to give the answer? Here we have to perceive whether our works and endeavors serve perversions or improvement. Because of this reason, as IIFSO you have to work for all Muslim youth to obtain and have awareness of Islam.

With another expression, it is among your prominent tasks that to make them conscious individuals who work for the felicity of humanity instead of individuals who pray and behave as slaves of the racist imperialism.

You are holding this meeting with the slogan from organization to work, and from work to big steps. Therefore, I also congratulate you all for this high awareness and wish that there will be big steps after this work and serious, fastidious endeavors. I believe that this group will perform the most fruitful works for making the youth of Muslim world conscious.

With this heartfelt wish I again kiss your foreheads and hug you and extend my thanks and congratulations to you as my companions who work for this true path.
Fiy emanillah.
Assalamu aleykum.